Keep iPhone screen from going to sleep

Similar to the look screen option comment last year, I would love an option to keep the iPhone screen from going to sleep I know that you can see the time remaining on the sleep screen, but you still have to touch the phone to see that. I would prefer to just keep the app open and running. It's in the Apple iOS SDK.



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    Hi Carol! If you change the settings on your phone, you are able to set your phone screen so that your phone will not automatically go to sleep. Go into Settings --> Display & Brightness --> Auto Lock, and select Never. I hope this helps! 

  • Thanks, Abby. I know how to manage the sleep settings on my iPhon, but that solution means I have to change my settings every time I use the Aaptiv app, which is really not solving the problem. It would be great if Aaptiv could add a feature I have on other low interaction apps. Thanks for considering.

  • Thanks for the feedback! I will be sure to pass your message along, to see what we can do in the future. 

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