Download to watch failing over Wifi

I am adding workouts to Favourties, then going to the Apple Watch Apptiv App. Downloads start and then fail. On the rare occasion that downloads complete, the workout doesn't play!





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    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for reaching out! I'm so sorry you're having trouble with your watch. Unfortunately, it usually takes a bit of time to download workouts, but continue to save them to your Favorites on your phone.

    Is your wifi on your watch turned on? This should help speed things up. I would also suggest starting the download long before you want to use the app - while you're sleeping is the best option! If you're still having trouble, try deleting and reinstalling the app on your phone to see if you're able to download the classes and play them on your watch

    I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, feel free to shoot our Customer Success Team at We'd be happy to help you!


    Jaz, Aaptiv Support 

  • Same for me - I've been trying for almost a week, have got up to 40% but it always cuts out before completion... Is this being looked at?

  • Hi folks,  sorry to hear that you guys are having problems with downloading over wifi.  You may get better results with the Aaptiv folks by creating a Technical Support ticket here  (Select  Technical Issues under How Can We Help). 

    The Ideas Portal focuses more on feature suggestions and improvement rather than providing direct support.   With that said, have you tried ruling out that the Wifi connection is the issue, by trying another known good Wifi spot, like a friend's house, or possibly at work?


  • I was having the same issues (it would slowly get to 8% then just stop and fail) and I finally found a fix! I turn off the Bluetooth on my iPhone while the watch downloads the workout over WiFi. When I do that, the whole workout downloads in about 30 seconds. Finally!

  • Megan, thank you for your suggestion.  I had this problem and it was frustrating enough that I considered canceling my subscription because being able to workout without my phone was a key desired feature.  Tried it and sure enough, workouts downloaded to the watch in less than a minute.  Appreciate it!

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