PEAR/Aaptiv Migration FAQ


Will I still get access to real-time coaching?
Aaptiv offers a number of great coaching features like Heart Rate Zone Training, effort-based coaching, beat-based classes, and much more. We are confident that you’ll love all of the new features and content you’ll be getting with this migration!

Will I still have access to my coaching plan?
With Aaptiv, you’ll get access to Aaptiv Coach. Aaptiv Coach is a highly personalized digital coaching experience. Coach uses sophisticated algorithms to create daily health plans for every member. Each plan offers a holistic, easy-to-follow approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and achieving a specific goal (examples include: losing weight and staying fit)—incorporating fitness, mindfulness, and healthy habits.

Can you leave my access to PEAR open until my subscription expires?
To ensure a smooth transition, we will be officially sunsetting the PEAR Coach app in mid-January.You will continue to be able to access it in the interim, but you will no longer be able to access the PEAR Coach app after mid-January.


What happens to my PEAR subscription?
Your PEAR subscription was migrated to Aaptiv and you have access to the Aaptiv platform until your current subscription expires. At that time, if you choose, you’ll be able to subscribe to Aaptiv. Your migrated subscription will not automatically renew.

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