How do I request a refund?


If you registered on our website, with a discount, or through the Google Play Store, you must contact us at to request a refund. You can also Chat with us live between the hours of 10am-6pm EST, Mon-Fri.

If you signed up for Aaptiv through your iTunes account, please contact Apple Support to request a refund. When you sign up for Aaptiv through the App Store, Apple handles your payment directly through your Apple ID. Apple does not pass your payment information to Aaptiv, so we are unable to assist with the refund. You can reach Apple Support by email, Live Chat, or phone at 800–692–7753 (7am-11pm CT).

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  • I have emailed the support email twice within the suggested time and have received no response. I need my subscription refunded and canceled. My app would not open for me to cancel in time before it chargedy account. I would like this issue resolved.
    You put me into overdraft and it wasn't my fault because the app wouldn't open for me to cancel before it charged me! I am very upset and would like the issue resolved immediately.
    Please and thank you

  • Hi I wanted to try a free trial.
    The page said to put in credit card details, which I did.
    It has now charged me a whole year subscription!
    I do not want this.I would like a refund and thus subscription cancelled.
    Thank you

  • I am waiting for mine as well. I received an email from them that they typically do not give refunds, yet their site says they do.. This is a horrible company and will be reported! we want our refunds!!!

  • Hi Michelle I have got my refund.
    It takes around 5-10 working days.
    Best thing to do is keep contacting them.I know I will be removing aaptiv hopefully this doesn't happen again.
    I hope you get your refund back.
    Let me know what happens.
    Ps- I will try get more contact info for you.

  • Michelle here is a link to Twitter comments on this subject.
    These comments helped me ,as well as I got into contact with aaptiv directly.
    Hope it helps

  • I was playing on my phone .
    And been charged 1 year subscription fee.
    I need a refund and won't be using this app or recommending it to my friends.
    It also put me in tricky financial situation over the weekends.
    I need a refund of my money.

  • They have somehow managed to charge a credit card which was supposed to be closed on 30 January. And then when you try to submit a ticket the app just freezes! This auto renewal is ridiculous!

  • I'm surprised they even have a request a refund form since they make it near impossible to get one. Like many others, I had a free trial, canceled, and found out they still charged me $99. They made it clear they do not issue refunds. I regret ever signing up for aaptiv.

  • I also signed up for a free trial through a friend’s recommendation. Predatory scammers - it’s cashing in on the idea that you will forget about it. Good job.
    I hadn’t even downloaded the app and they had the audacity to assume that I signed up for an agreement and program with them. This is insane. Will never subscribe to this BS.

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