What is the "Cancel Anytime" policy?

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  • I used this app for approximately a month. I asked to cancel and you told me I had to cancel through iTunes. You proceeded to bill me for months until I purposefully let my card expire. After deleting your app, I thought I was safe to reinstate my card but you just billed me again. Hundreds of dollars charged at this point and still not resolved. “Cancel Anytime” for me has turned into a nightmare.

  • I have the same issue. I downloaded on the 15 and canceled it immediatley because it was not what I wanted. They not only charged me 14.99 for what was supposed to be a free trial but billed me 99.00 on the 22nd of january. They will not give me my money back.

  • I feel extremely decieted by this company. I have made multiple calls with no answers, emailed the support account and left multiple comments. I used the app for some time but became too busy to use anymore. I had already payed for a year and understood this was my problem that I didn’t not use for the rest of that subscription. I went to check my account leading up to 1 year mark to ensure I was cancelled and would not be charged another year of service for something I wouldn’t be using. I was told I no longer had an active account. Two weeks later I was still charged $99.00 for a service I was told I no longer was an active member of. This app has scammed me and lied to me and I am still waiting for anyone to contact me back regarding this unfair situation. Please somebody contact me

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