Why did my subscription renew?


When you purchase an Aaptiv subscription, it automatically renews monthly or yearly depending on the plan you chose. You will continue to be billed on the same day of each renewal period unless you cancel your subscription at least 48 hours prior to the renewal.

For more information, see “How do I cancel my subscription?

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  • I’ve emailed Aaptiv support twice and received a generic automatic response that they will “try to get back to me as soon as they can”, but haven’t heard back in 1 month! I want to simply cancel my subscription because this is not what I am looking for.

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  • I feel extremely decieted by this company. I have made multiple calls with no answers, emailed the support account and left multiple comments. I used the app for some time but became too busy to use anymore. I had already payed for a year and understood this was my problem that I didn’t not use for the rest of that subscription. I went to check my account leading up to 1 year mark to ensure I was cancelled and would not be charged another year of service for something I wouldn’t be using. I was told I no longer had an active account. Two weeks later I was still charged $99.00 for a service I was told I no longer was an active member of. This app has scammed me and lied to me and I am still waiting for anyone to contact me back regarding this unfair situation. Please somebody contact me

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