I signed up for an Aaptiv Access membership, how can I start visiting gyms?

  • After you’ve created your account, download the Aaptiv mobile app and login to your new account.
  • Open the gym finder in the Aaptiv App and click on a gym in your membership plan that you’d like to visit. Note: you do not need to pick just one gym to visit, you can sign-up for and visit any gym in your membership tier.
  • Follow the instructions in the gym’s profile in the “Notes” section. Most gyms offer online sign-up.
  • If the gym you selected does not offer online sign-up, you can sign up in person at their facility. It is recommended to call ahead of time to ensure someone at the gym’s front desk is available to assist you with sign-up. 
  • All gyms will require your “member code” during sign-up. This code can be found by clicking the ID icon in the Aaptiv app. Note: Your member code is NOT the same as your insurance ID number.
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