Can I listen to my own music?


Each Aaptiv class has its own hand-picked playlist. Our trainers spend hours building each class, making sure that each song is perfectly coordinated with the pace or mood of each workout. We believe the playlist is integral to the Aaptiv experience. We also want you to focus on your workout during classes — so just press play, and go!

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  • I love this app but the music isn't very energizing.
    I think maybe the app should use more up dated music and maybe also throw in some rock music as well...???

  • Music is integral to my workouts. I have stopped using this app and gone with a competitor simply because I can't listen to my own music on Aaptiv.

  • Agree with post above. Also the reason I stopped my subscription


  • I will most likely cancel this app as well do to this. I need seriously great music and they do not provide it. 

  • Hi there! Thanks for this feedback, we really appreciate it. Our trainers and in-house Audio & Programming team work together to come up with amazing playlists that match the tempo of the workout, to keep you motivated through every exercise! We release up to 40 new classes each week, and we are always adding great new music to the App. If you have any specific suggestions about how we can improve the music, feel free to shoot us a note at I hope that you will give Aaptiv another try to see what we come out with! 

  • Yes, I have a suggestion. Let us listen to our own music.

  • There are a wide variety of music genre's EXCEPT for one - I prefer a heavier genre such as AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica.... those songs really get my focus up and help me concentrate. Are there any trainers that have those type playlists? Or at least the option? It would be greatly appreciated if there was a music selection for EVERYONE. I will give the app a fair try but I don't see this lasting very long. Thanks for any consideration.

  • I LOVE this app! I can always find an uplifting playlist to use. I would love some Country songs, but I know they are hard to workout to.

  • I have also canceled because Aaptiv does not let us listen to our own music! It is a shame because I actually really enjoyed the trainers and the premise of this app. More flexibility is why I was trying Aaptiv over OrangeTheory after being at OT for 4 years, so not allowing the flexibility for users to chose their own music is huge issue for me. Signing up with the competing app now. The inability to choose your own music is annoying, but what Is even more annoying is aaptiv’s response on this thread and others—repeating the same BS marketing line about how their trainers specially choosing the music instead of actually responding to customer feedback. Great business model 👌🏼

  • Hi Jenn - we suggest Jessica for heavy / classic rock! Here are a few other workouts to get you started:

    Five-Minute Challenge - intermediate row by Candice
    I Wanna Ride! - advanced spin by Ben
    Keep It Up - intermediate treadmill by Erin
    Classic Rock Your Body - strength by Rochelle
    Walk On, Jog Long - outdoor running by Rochelle

    Nicole, we appreciate your feedback as well! Aaptiv prides itself on being the leader in audio-based fitness solutions. We employ a robust team of expert audio engineers that craft each playlist to carefully match the workout instructions. For example, if a trainer cues a 400 meter sprint, we want to ensure you have an upbeat rhythm keeping you on track. If you're doing a meditation, we'll give you serene music to guide your practice. We believe music is crucial to the Aaptiv experience and take extreme efforts to make sure it syncs up perfectly with your workout. That said, we're constantly taking feedback on genre recommendations, new artists, favorite beats, etc., so please don't be shy in sending your requests our way!

  • Don't really like the music, as hard as they work on choosing it. Please allow a simple thing just to let us choose our own. You can still provide the music, just allow the option to choose our own.

  • Are they not allowed to use brand new music? Some of the songs I recognize but are still from a year or two ago at least. I love the app...but also would prefer to chose my own music. I understand what you are saying, but maybe you can do both? Let the user choose? Thanks for listening.

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