Heart Rate Monitor FAQs




The Aaptiv App now allows users to connect to their favorite Heart Rate Monitors



  • Must emit a Bluetooth 4.0 signal (i.e. BLE or Bluetooth Smart)
  • Must be non-proprietary (compatible with third-party apps)
  •  Be sure your phone’s Bluetooth setting is set to ON
  • After you download the Aaptiv app, connect to your phone’s Health app and turn on all permissions. (both read and write)


Process to Connect:

  1.    Wear your heart rate monitor according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2.     In the Aaptiv app, tap the Coach icon (lower left), then the bluetooth icon (upper right).
  3.     See “Connect Devices”, then “Connect” on your chosen HRM.
  4.     Select the Heart Rate Monitor you would like to connect to.

  5.     Start your workout.









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