Can I complete my workouts in kilometers rather than miles?


At this time, Aaptiv provides workouts in miles only.

Manu of our members use the conversion chart below to convert MPH to KPH.  



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  • Nice to have this chart!

  • it will be much nicer if you display the additional info from mph to kph in the middle of the screen...

  • It would be much nicer if the app had the option to choose/change miles to klms. It is marketed to an international community after all

  • Why did I bother downloading and signing up for this app when I now need to try calculate miles to km, on the fly / mid workout / end of session. The fact that KM is not supported on an app that should be global, is a Major oversight!

  • yes please, it'd be great if your product team could find a way. I am sure there's a case for customer retention as well as new sales. I was going to recommend this to many friends here in London, but now I think they would hate me when they notice they need to constantly convert while working out!

  • Agreed. I have looked to get both friends and family to try Aaptiv as I think it’s a great app but they cannot be bothered to carry a miles to k sheet with them especially for an app that costs so much. In the uk although we operate in miles all of the exercise equipment seems to be in km.

  • It's really not so hard to the trainer to add in the km in their audio cues at least some of the time. Would be greatly appreciated. Checking a chart on the fly is ANNOYING!

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